Refugees who come to the Madison area have many needs. We divided into teams to meet those needs. Email OpenDoorsVolunteers@gmail.com to volunteer for a team or learn more about volunteering.


The Employment team connects with employers interested in hiring refugees with refugees seeking work. Email OpenDoorsforRefugees@gmail.com to learn more about hiring refugees.

Greatest need: Entry level positions for persons with limited English proficiency.

The Donations team collects and stores furniture, appliances, and household items. Learn more here, or email: OpenDoorsDonations@gmail.com

Greatest need: Dressers, floor & table lamps, cookware sets, mixing bowls, single & double mattress covers. 

The Housing team seeks safe, decent and affordable rental housing for refugees. This team explains refugee housing to landlords, solicits interest, and informs landlords when refugees needing housing arrive. 

The Move-in team transports heavy furniture from storage into apartments, unpacks donation boxes and sets up apartments just before an arrival. When needed, Move-in assists with household and grocery shopping to outfit the apartments.

The Welcome team adds special touches which go beyond the essentials, to offer a sense of friendship and "heart" to the arriving family. They give families items such as welcome mats, notes and cards, handmade afghans, art supplies, and toys for the children.

The Transportation team provides personal transportation for refugee families in the Madison area.  Transportation needs may include medical and agency appointments, job interviews, shopping, connecting with a religious community and other needs not easily met by bus.

The Orientation team seeks to help refugees navigate American society and culture.  They offer assistance with necessities such as getting a driver's license or signing up for ESL classes.

The ESL (English as a Second Language) team develops ESL opportunities and provides ESL services either directly to refugee families or indirectly through other ESL organizations such as the Literacy Network.

The Translation team provides translation (written) and interpretation (verbal) services for non-English speaking refugees.  Our greatest need at this time is for Arabic speaking team members.

The Events, Promotions, and Fundraising team creates events to build support and raise funds for refugee resettlement in the greater Madison area. The team works to strengthen cooperation and ties between faith, no-faith, civic and social groups, and individuals who want to help refugees make a home in Madison. Email OpenDoorsEvents@gmail.com to volunteer or discuss a potential joint event with your organization.