Open Doors for Refugees is an all-volunteer group formed to help refugees make a home in the Madison area. We are a non faith-based group comprised of individuals from various faith and no-faith traditions.

We collect donations of furniture and household items and use them to set up apartments for incoming refugees.  Open Doors for Refugees also provide interpretation, transportation, cultural orientation, ESL, and employment services.  Finally, we have a gift certificate program wherein people purchase and donate gift certificates from a variety of thrift, department, and food stores.  We in turn give those gift cards to refugees.

Periodically, we host large public events to raise awareness of the refugee crisis abroad and support for local refugees.  Since we first formed in February 2016, over 430 people have come to these events, contacted us, or attended our meetings.  Of these, over 200 have signed on to various teams.  

We work primarily with Lutheran Social Services and Jewish Social Services (the two refugee resettlement agencies in Madison).  We and they serve people of all faiths (or non-faith) from several countries of origin.  Together Lutheran Social Services and Jewish Social Services plan to resettle 160 refugees in Madison in 2017. Open Doors for Refugees have 501(c)3 status through our fiscal agent, the Center for Community Stewardship.  Interested individuals can make a tax deductible donation here.

We invite you to become involved!

Open Doors for Refugees

1213 N. Sherman Ave, #104

Madison 53704


General: OpenDoorsForRefugees@gmail.com

Furniture and Item Donation: OpenDoorsDonations@gmail.com

Volunteering Inquiries: OpenDoorsVolunteers@gmail.com 

Events: OpenDoorsEvents@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorsForRefugees/